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Originally Posted by VipaMave
Then an exception for identification could be made (Fax, Scanned image, or even web camera would do).
Just curious how exactly you'd make sure that the person on the scanned image or webcam is over 18?

You can't be sure. You can however request that they show legal documentation with your date of birth however (Many have holographic strips and other security measures... which can be seen on WCam).

Originally Posted by VipaMave
Thats as good as saying we should leave the AEG buy/sell forums open to all.
It's up to the seller to enforce the bylaw.
I think you're missing what SINN is saying...many retailers sell more than just AEG's. What if someone just wants to buy a holster or a boonie? Not only would you be preventing that person from searching for what they need or want to buy, but you'd be taking away potential business from the retailer. If I were a retailer, that wouldn't exactly make me happy. You'd need permission from all the retailers before doing any of this.[/QUOTE]

By removing retailers that (have) sold to minors, you are taking away potential business from them. Why would you need a holster or a boonie if you don't have an airsoft gun? If you really need one, stop by your local army surplus store. You don't need ANY permission from ANY retailers to remove them from the list. It's not like they sponsor this site.

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