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Originally Posted by GraveTech
No, because there are many on here who are not verified but are over 18. It is also not out responsibility to age verify for retailers.
I challenge you:

Is it too much trouble for a person to take some time out of their day to get age verified? Airsoft one of the less 'soccermom-approved' sports. A person that spends the time to get age verified is more likely to have read (and will ahere to) the rules and associated laws than a person who is too lazy to do so.

Age verification ENSURES that the person(s) are at least of 18 years of age (unless there are corrupt verifiers). Identification over the internet is subject to fraud (ie. One could easily photoshop a fake ID if need be).

The only problem I could see is if a person lived in some remote location to the north (Say, Nunavut?) Then an exception for identification could be made (Fax, Scanned image, or even web camera would do).

Originally Posted by SINN
Why? Retailers sell items that are not just for +18. It is up to the stores to enforce the bylaws etc.
Thats as good as saying we should leave the AEG buy/sell forums open to all.
It's up to the seller to enforce the bylaw.

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