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Originally Posted by VipaMave
Banning ALL players under 18 solves 1 thing: Restricting minors from this site.
I'm sure there is many adults who are considerably irresponsible as well. Even if they're old enough to be considered legally responsible for their actions, it still doesn't do Airsoft (in general) any good when they fuck up.
Banning all under 18 from POSTING only prevents them from posting... If they are on the internet, they can read ALL the information on this site. It in No Way stops them from getting information, and in no way stops the parents from reading and contacting the ASC folks if they approve (imagine, parental approval all at once).

Email would still work.

Folks who are over 18 and stupid? Heck, quite simple, the banning system still works and would not be overloaded.
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