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I totally agree with what your saying. But what about international players, or players who just can't meet up?

As a site, there should be some general area for world wide chit chat. Again, prove your knowladge there, get let into the full Canadian community.

It also allows for a place for people who do have a few honest questions in Canada, but have no idea on what to do, but at the moment don't have posting privelages across the entire forum.

I think it would act as an amazing filter. The site would build with usefull information, both to the community and to the Web. If people can only post stupid questions in one area, most people that don't wanna be botherd, know exactly which area to avoid. But people that generally wanna help, know where to go.

And as an added bonus, the vast majority of postings in the privleadge section would actually be usefull. This way, people without posting privladges can access usefull information, fast. And people who have proven themselves the ability to post, post.
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