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Update: I called the appeals officer listed on my letter today and left a message basically, politely, asking if the interpretation of my order was false, or perhaps the wrong items was shipped.

The guy called back within half an hour, asked if i was appealing or wanted item shipped back or destroyed. I asked him if he had personally seen the item, his response was "no, it was flagged by a customs officer for description , thus the letter sent to you. If you wish to appeal then I will have the item sent to me for a determination if it is a prohibited item"

So i say sure, how do i file an appeal, fax, mail, etc...He says no, you can do it that way but you can also file one right now, over the phone.

Basically at this point he is going to get the item, might take a few weeks of course and if it is in fact a gear box, he will release it. If its a reciever however it will be destroyed.

Of course i could have saved any of this ordering from one of the wonderful retailers here in Canada, but sometimes you want to test things out on your own and there is always a risk involved. When i order something on the cusp, which airsoft tends to be, I am prepared at any time to lose my investment so if this goes sideways its not the end of the world to me. So far this pales in comparison to the five months it took me to get military action figures from a company called, lol.

Thanks again for all responses, the guy sounded pretty upbeat so we shall see.

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