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Originally Posted by Shugart
I personaly would prefer it if posting privelages had to be earned. For Canadians, it would mean getting age verified by attending a local game. For internationals, make a section of the forums where anyone can post, prove you know what your talking about, and boom, you got posting privilages to more sections of the board.
That is the basic idea that is being pushed. There are variations on that idea, like how much can be read-only, and by whom.

Let's say it's read-only until some form of verification. Drawbacks? Some folks cant post yet.
Advantages? A near-100% drop in stupid questions because folks will have NO CHOICE but read. Then they will have to get their ass in gear to go meet folks.
The moment they meet people, it will further reduce the number of stupid questions.

The final effect is this website would become far more instructional.

It wont solve the under-18 legal problems, but it will reduce them and it will be a guarantee we cant be held responsible for anything they do and may try to pin on us.
Responsible kids, 16+, who get parental consent will probably get to play and post because they will have made the effort to follow the rules.

Dont tell me that reading, and then meeting people, is impossible unless you live 1000 miles from anyone. If you have nobody around, you dont need an airsoft you cant use, right?
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