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Originally Posted by FieroGT
Originally Posted by Greylocks
Misread; getting your parent's Informed Consent is the goal. Playing around their back is not smart.
Absolutely agreed. But I'm sure I'm not the only one who got started out this way, and just thought I'd remind some of the guys who have been around awhile that we all started out once as a newbie too. Maybe we didnt ask to be spoon fed information, or what the best AEG was, or ask about buying airsoft to make a movie with, but we all started at the same point.

Okay maybe it was a fairly obvious point, but at least its in writting now.
Dont generalize, I found out an an early age that lying to my parents was one of those things you dont want to do. But back then, political correctness and coddling was not on the horizon.
So no, even when I was new to firearms ages ago (no airsoft then), there were no lies involved.
It allowed me to get some really rare guns right off the bat, all I still own, all are on the Prohibited list.

Honesty towards your parents is a sign of respect and maturity. You may not like/enjoy the decisions your parents make, but until you are legally responsible for your own ass, that just plain too bad.
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