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Originally Posted by firemachine69
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I know, it's fucking retarded... They might take in consideration that it's for an airsoft rifle, therefore it's illegal...

But then again, I've ordered silencers from WGC and got them fine...

That's likely what happened. However, they have no force to do that. Send them a letter, polite, yet firm, stating that if part is not immediately released (as it contravenes NO laws), the matter will be pursued in court. Don't say "oh noes you can't do that!" Fact is, you CAN. Just make sure you clearly ask which part of that section they are holding it against.

DON'T play the replica v.s. imitation. You're only bound to lose.

Customs consists mostly of a bunch of retarded soccer moms. They see M16 anywhere on the package, and they freak.
Dude... hate to say it but my former roommate works is a customs inspector and anyone who has shit siezed is best not to tell them they 'cant' do anything.. cause that just pisses them off and thats the last thing you want. Try to reason with them .. try to explain why it should be returned to the country of origin or why you thought it doesnt break the customs laws and go through it that way.

Basically customs can do almost anything they want once an item is in thier possession and standard practice is to destroy things ASAP... so I would reccommend a polite letter soon rather than one telling them basically your are wrong which they will read as you telling them they cant do thier jobs correctly.. and your item may be 'accidently' destroyed...

Life sucks.. they take wierd shit.. I have had everything from mags and silencers to full GBB's brought back for me by guys from HK, BUT I have also heard of TOP springs being siezed... so try to plead it out, the letter thanknig them for thier jobs can probably be a closing paragraph in you original letter rather than multiple letters... and it will hopefully work..

*edit* in response to Opea's last post.. that would probably be just fine.. I say give it a try...
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All religions (Christianity included) have been victim to corruption and greed and war. But the key is to acknowledge that the crimes and attrocities that some do in the name of religion are not the views of the religion itself, but the individuals.
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