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Originally Posted by RecceGod
I know, it's fucking retarded... They might take in consideration that it's for an airsoft rifle, therefore it's illegal...

But then again, I've ordered silencers from WGC and got them fine...

That's likely what happened. However, they have no force to do that. Send them a letter, polite, yet firm, stating that if part is not immediately released (as it contravenes NO laws), the matter will be pursued at the tribunal, at the cost of CCRA for all expenses incurred for the trip and stayover. Don't say "oh noes you can't do that!" Fact is, you CAN. Just make sure you clearly ask which part of that section they are holding it against.

DON'T play the replica v.s. imitation. You're only bound to lose.

Customs consists mostly of a bunch of retarded soccer moms. They see M16 anywhere on the package, and they freak.
Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper
Fucking bullshit. I just checked my flyers and I didn't get no 'Cluepons'. Assholes :rrr:
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