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Originally Posted by Opea
ill call the guy first but i am thinking of sending

- my original order and receipt
- a picture of the mechbox
- this excerpt from "impoting a firearm or weapon into Canada"
"Replica firearms are not classified as firearms but are designed or intended to exactly resemble a firearm with near precision
- a picture of a m16a2
- a picture or a real armalite lower and upper reciever
- a question of where this mechbox is is a replica of any part of the above two pictures
- a letter with my sincere regards in his dilligence in keeping weapons out of Canada

hopefully that will suffice.
Keep in mind that replicas of weapons are prohibited according to the law, but what is considered a replica is a NON-FIRING replica of a real gun. Hence airsoft falling in between replica and airgun, since it shoots a projectile it can't be considered a replica, and since it can't cause the same damage as an airgun (that fires .177 or .22 cal metal ammo) it can't exactly be that either. If anything it's a plastic model of a real gun, or an imitation gun. Or airgun parts if you want to be simple and legal about it.
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