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Originally Posted by Dracheous
Originally Posted by RecceGod
Going the 18yrs old only would solve alot of problems, however, it would be a great disadvantage to all the other reponsible minor who chow down the info on their own(like the some of the guys who posted in this thread).

My biggest beef is we keep getting people from the US(now, why would an US citizen even want to post here anyways?) and other minors from Canada who just can't think for themselves... Greylocks and Droc have really good points.

I say ban everyone, problem solved... lol.

**press the big red nuke sized ban button**...

Why don't we just remove the ability for some to type "US" in their location. Come up with some sort of algerathyme that'd see that written there and they this big pop that says "THIS IS CANADA WE ONLY ACCEPT FLANEL WEARING, HOCKEY PLAYING, EH SAYING LOOOOOOOSERS!" like one American has already pointed out...

... or we could have some sort of way to make their moniter explode... that'd be fun
I will tell you exactly why people from the States post here. Because this is one of the best Airsoft Communities in the world. Deal with it. You have a huge, highly-dedicated and (mostly) mature regular-user base, a verifiable shitload of useful information, and most importantly, lots of benevolent and patient members who are willing to answer questions.

Find me a forum centralized in the USA that is as strong as ASC, and I will show you a green dog.

You should be encouraging people from around the world to come and post on ASC - the more the better; plus, you can always ban those who choose to be immature pricks. I absolutely do not advocate underage Airsofting, Chairsofting, Clearsofting, Budgetsofting, whatever...the law is the law (except when it concerns alcohol :cheers: ). I don't care if you think you're "responsible" or "mature" - if you're breaking an Airsoft law, you're not. An Airsoft gun has the capacity to easily kill and get you killed. There is a reason laws exist.

With that said, here's some information for people in the United States: It is illegal to purchase an Airsoft weapon if you are under 18, but legal for you to own one if you are 16. This is the national law from what I've heard; if I am incorrect, by all means correct me.

Also - state laws have the ability to supercede federal ones!!! Check with your LOCAL laws before you run around with a gun. Same for city and county laws.
Originally Posted by Droc
I think new users should buy a USB anytime they ask a stupid question, we can PM them a kick to the teeth.
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