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I am 14, and was at first very upset when i found out legal age for airsoft was 18. Now I have come to respect that, and I am actually a little bit happy about it. now that I have FOUR years to save up and buy some really nice things when I turn 18.
And also the fact that immature kids can't ruin the sport. Now don't get me wrong, I have done some stpid things to, and I will admit it. But when it comes to guns, and gun safety, I'm right there with ya boys.
good stuff

but realistically, responsible minors can play. I know of several who have come and watched games, earned the respect of players and have ordered guns through respected members...The member has to really trust the minor because the responsibility is then on him, and if the minor screws up, its the sponsors ass. Mind you, these situations are few and far between, usually close friends for years or family. IMHO, it is the only responsible way for minors to play.

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Give Droc and I moderator powers, sit back, watch the carnage.
I have been walking the banning line myself for years Im the last person who will be a mod.