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Originally Posted by Renegade)H20
Originally Posted by Lex
I'm only ten years old. How have I been playing all this time?

Must be my l337 h4x!

Honestly though, it's good to see more of an intiative on the community's part to discourage minors from the get go.
Your ten? and your profile says 23... Thanks for admitting that you lied on your ASC application.
That's the witty retort?

Man, I was expecting something...I don't know...funny?


Sarcasm: A form of verbal irony, expressing sneering, personal disapproval in the guise of praise. (Oddly enough, sarcastic remarks are often used between friends, perhaps as a somewhat perverse demonstration of the strength of the bond--only a good friend could say this without hurting the other's feelings, or at least without excessively damaging the relationship).

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