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I am under 18, im going to be 17 in like 16 days, but thats not the point. I think what has been said about being 18 plus is very smart. If anyone has noticed, all the "Cops arrested" or "cops shot" instnaces, or a vast majority, have involved people who are like 14-16 years old. You dont see an 18+ running amok with a GBB. And what Latency said is totally right, airsoft now is not a good idea, becuse I do have other things to do, that and I am utterly pennyless. The issue with making this forum 18+ is that there are other airsoft forums on the net. So, it begs the question; would you guys rather you have some 15 year old n00b go to annother airsoft place, get somone to get him a GBB and he run amok with it and get shot by the cops. Or that he come here, ask a stupid question, get flamed at, but ultimately learn the RIGHT way to do things? Annoying it is, but its better they learn from you guys than somone else.

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