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My major problem is ignorant parents; the kids whine and whine until they get the toy, the parent knows nothing or does not care, shit happens.
All of us can only control one thing; what we do personally to stop the problem. Then we can only hope that the folks on these forums are as honest, same for the retailers.

I tend to suspect that some 18+ person gets offered cash to buy a gun for a younger person, or does not care who they sell to. Retailers would have far more to lose from being dishonest if they are found out.

Mind you, even retailers can get fooled.

I'm just so TIRED of seeing kids under 16 come here and expect us to break rules just for them. Kids! This one is for YOU! Where the HELL did you EARN the RIGHT to ask us to break laws for you?
Honestly and sadly for those under 18 who are decent, I still think this website should not even allow anyone under 18 anymore. Period.
The amount of shit it would stop would be enormous.
(Yes, there's no easy way to check ages, but you can always have the satisfaction of banning morons who try. It's not hard, they will eventually goof up and be spotted).

I hope the under-18 crowd is reading this, and YES to the idiot who asked if this applied in the US before deleting his post (Scyxor)! It DOES because I SAID SO! Geeezus.
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