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lol, I was part way through writing a similar thread myself this morning, but it had to many curse words so I decided against it.

The only minors who should have guns are the ones who have earned the respect of players and buy there guns through verified players.

Im gonna add in some words I put in another thread:
some kid managed to totally side-step the age registration system that our community has made. Either that or one of our retailers has gone for money over responsibility...again.
Really, its just plain disrespectful. Someone ignored the rules of the community, then comes to the community for help...HA! "Screw your rules...but help me decide on accessories and upgrades."
Even worse is that someone sells minors a gun. Either that, or his mommy and daddy helped him buy it. Shame on the retailer. BLACKLIST I SAY!

Its a problem because its clear there is holes in the system. ASC has been around for along time, with members from all over, and its not like the community came up with the age verification process overnight. It is without question, in the best intrest of airsoft in canada and everyone who participates in it. Its a goddam slap in the face everytime a noobie comes here and asks about stuff for their new gun. WTF, how the hell did you get a gun? And its rarley parents doing the buying, most of the time, its a kid, sometimes as young as 15, even 12, who has bought a gun from a retailer or someone else. Its a conflict of intrest that doesnt seem to be taken seriously enough.

Im not against minors, I know minors(very few) who have proven to be responsible, and who have earned the trust of verified members and does the buying through them.

IMHO, if you dont want to fallow the rules of this community, walk your ass off this community site and ask your airsoft related questions somewhere else. Dont piss on the hand that feeds you...and then want help, or want to buy from them, or want to participate in their big games.