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Are you under 18 years old?

Are you new to these forums and less than 18 years old? If yes, please read this very carefully BEFORE typing ANY question.


Facts; if you are under 18, you CANT buy airsoft guns. You also CANT use one unless an adult who is responsible (legally) for you is present.
At most fields across Canada, you CANT even play unless the owners agree (and have insurance) to cover minors.
You CANT play airsoft in backyards, parks, or anywhere else just for kicks.

Airsoft guns are seen as Replicas. That means: They are seen as REAL guns, with many of the same laws and restrictions, including penalties and jail time. You mess around, you deal with the consequences.

SOME PLACES ALLOW MINORS WHO ARE 16 TO PLAY/PARTICIPATE. It is up to YOU to get your parents involved, get them to read the appropriate information that is in this forum (it's called the Information section). There is even a Newbie Guide. It is also up to YOU to contact the owners of the local fields and follow their rules.

If you are about to say "I am mature and responsible!", remember that following laws and rules of conduct (of sports or in society) is a show of true maturity. In a nutshell, if you are mature and capable, prove it.

So follow the existing rules, even if it's only to cope with them, and you will enjoy this game. If you want to break the rules, you will not enjoy much of anything.

Now go read that Information section again.
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