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HAhaha just found one now...

Alright well I had a good 4.1 surround by creative, then out of no where my front right speaker started vibrating lots, and it sounded as if the tweeter fell off and was rattling inside...

So I was like whatevs I need a new system anyways so I went all out and bought the z530 e's by logitech a while back, i think thats th emodel, meh but the sub is hugenormous.


I am selling these speakers for 50 bucks cause I thought the tweeter fell off and a glue job wouldnt hold too too long...

So I take it apart today to fix the speaker, and low and behold, there was a BB inside my one speaker. That's what was rattling around the whole time.


I just started laughing hystarically. And jumped onto this thread to post it :P
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