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Im glad you changed your opinion about me Grey, although it saddens me that people must resort to thinking that I am the problem starter because of general experience, like I would throw away the chance of playing airsoft so I could play with a cheap CT gun in a park. I am trying to be part of the solution, but this guy is not the type you just boss around. His dumbass counterpart will problably end up in a whole shit load of problems. But he is bigger, stronger and will problably pull the " Have you fired a gun? no so you know jack shit" trick on me. I am going to do what I can by telling him that he has broken the law, got off too easy and should not play anymore in the park or anywhere someone could see him (this isn' the omg perfect rules but still its better than endangering himself and the public by playing in a park)

He should know better, reading on forums, owning many firearms and haven taken a firearm safety course.
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