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So a man walks into a store and steals a candy bar. Another man walks into a store down the road and beats a guy on the head with a bat. Another man walks into a store even furthur down the road and shoots the clerk. Is the man who stole the candy bar now free of all guilt as per crime and punishment under out judicial system Lisa?

When are you people going to see what examples are? As Greylocks stated with in city limits of MOST Canadian citys there is a prohibition on the discharge of ANY fire-arm or air gun outside of designated areas.

And do you really think that a smack down and the removal of a persons fire arm for a simple mistake of forgetting the trigger lock versus the running around under the age of 18 or any any at all in a public park FIRING BB guns is really worse? I know more people who think trigger locks are retarded requirement because a simple finishing hammer WILL remove just about ALL makes and models of them.

I am displeased with these kids simply getting off with a cheer, hug, and reload of their BB guns! If the police REALLY wanted to show some discipline of the act in question they would have confinscated the bb guns and only release them back after the kids get their parents to go down to the local police station to sign the waiver or release form to reaquire the guns in question. Just like that federal law for the Trigger lock, if you really want to push it that way.
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