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Okay, so if I misread you, I misread you. My beef is simple; your buddies think that playing airsoft in an area where it should not happen (clear guns or not) is just fine.

Even if it's clear CT softair crap, it managed to make someone worry. Right there, it's a big deal. You're not supposed to shoot ANYTHING within city limits, period. That's City Laws. Different cities, different bylaws. For some who replied, it's fine, but remember that what is fine where you live is not fine everywhere.

If the officer just laughed it off, then he did something wrong. If you choose to do nothing further about it, you become part of the problem instead of part of the solution.

One thing seems clear; for some reason your friends got softair guns and are using them irresponsibly. If their parents are not bright enough to act, and let their kids do whatever they want, that's tough. You cant do much about that; but you could talk to your parents about it.

What you can do is far more than just try to tell them (your friends) the right way; you can ream them a new asshole. If they dont know the laws, or their parents never tell them anything, then it falls to you to do it. Maybe they'll listen to a friend better. If they dont, then at least you did your part.

Want to know why I picked at you? Because 99% of the time, stories that start with "Friends of mine did..." really mean "I'm the idiot who did it but wont admit to it."
If that is not the case, then you fell into a trap of words, and I fell for a stereotype.

Using airsoft (any kind) in public is stupid. Period. And now there is something YOU can do about it, even in a small way.
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