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What the hell? why are you saying that im immature and shouldnt play airsoft? Im not the one who is playing with CT clearsoft at the park!

For crying out loud, I dont belieave he was shooting at the kid on the bike since he was shooting cans on the GROUND, his other friend who is a douche bag is a totall retard, he was attempting to start a small fire on the ground before the cops came. The same guy shoots his little crappy clearsoft mp5 inside the school for fucks sakes. My friend just wants to play "airsoft" (since im sure you guys don't consider CTguns airsoft) but this other retarded fellow is the only other person who owns a CT gun.

I don't get how all the blame just shifted to me for asking for advice on how to get my friend to play safe out of the public eye. (By the way that post on the cop shooting them both is ridiculous, how does killing two teenages make you a better cop?)

I have never touched an airsoft gun in my life and don't plan to until im 18 and able to play on the field. I am waiting responsibly and being mature about it all, I hope you guys misunderstood my posts, I am seriously confused on why you guys are bitching at me for being unsafe and risking airsofts endangered reputation. Next time I see him, I will tell him that I spoke to you guys and if ever he wishes to play real airsoft, he better get his act together and stop fucking around in the park.
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