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Boy, the good ol' days of when you could point your finger and yell "REACH FOR THE SKY VARMENT!"

You know what I'm starting to see and sorta feel, ageist. Ever time I see a defense of CT crap guns or doing something stupid, I swear there is no Age Verified tag and when I click on profile to see how old they say there are, there is either nothing there or its underage!...

But on topic with this, first the kid on the bike over-reacted to having "not really been shot at." So I am lead to beleive this "friend" WAS shooting at this other kid on the bike. Else why bike straight home to cry about being shot with a BB gun? Secondly I'm both highly annoyed and disturbed that this cop just laughed it off and played with them!... I mean my tax dollars are basically paying for him to play airsoft with CRAPPY TIRE guns at that whilst on duty? He shoulda shot them both, put the respect back into how guns should be treated properly no matter what their projectile is. The fact that he just shrugged it off aswell concerns me that what happens if this wasn't just a school yard game of clearsofting crap? What then? We get a couple teens shooting a cop?
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