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if a cop laughs about it take it as a hint, it obviously isnt a big deal to him, so it shouldnt be a big deal to you. why are you whinning to us about it, go talk to him a say that you think its retarded what hes doing, solve the problem at the root rather than wasting your time worrying about it w/ doing nothing to stop it. or better yet, show him the ways of the jedi, show him your gun (take him out to play a game) he uses his "gun" whilst you all use your aegs and hell see the difference. we (my team) did that with two other guys that bought those clear mini mp5s, you can hinestly shoot further via the loading tube as a blow dart, they tossed em and bought used aegs on asc within a week. rather than shun him, bring him into the fold.
dont say "he already plays airsoft" cuz ANYBODY that plays airsoft WOULDNT buy those guns and play in a public park, it is in the unwritten law, and can be deciphered from the airsoft 10 commandments (somebody please post the link, i couldnt find it)
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.
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