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Dangerous conduct (friend)

Hi guys, I don't post much here because I know you gotta choose your words if you don't want to get murdered. Anyways, my friend recently got a crappy Canadian Tire m4a1 alright, so this alone is much of a deal. The thing is, him and some friend (kind of a dumbass) play airsoft with their Canadian Tire clear guns in the park north of my house in broad daylight. I know this is risky right, well this is where things get interesting, some kid biked past them when they were shooting cans and for some reason thought they were shooting at him so he biked home as fast as he could and called the COPS!

The cops came pretty fast and treated them like they had a gun. They were suprised and just droped the guns and said were like "WTF?" anyways the cop (this is the part in the story where I was like :???: ) picks up the gun and goes "oh its just a toy" and starts shooting it all around and laughing then gives it back to them and tells them to stay out of trouble. They kept doing it later. What really bugged me is that when I asked if he wore protective eye wear, he said he wore his ski goggles. I told him it wasn't enough but then left reasonable doubt because of the shittyness of the guns.

Anyways is this a big deal or should I just let it slide... its not like I can do alot about it because he isnt my best friend and hes not the type of guy you just order around. He has been into airsoft for a while and knows gun safety (he is a hunter) so yeah... don't know why I posted this...anyways what do you guys think?
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