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Originally Posted by buzzard
ok, i will be specific; seller was selling a ps2, in the thread he said that it was missing the remote. when i got it, the controller was missing. when i questioned him about it he said "i call it remote here, i dont care what you say, i sayed remote, for me thats the same shit"

should i have asked him if he really meant controller instead of remote? or if he really meant xbox instead of ps2? (im not tring to be snotty, but ive been asking myself the same questions for the last few days)
I think you are right on this case and the seller was misleading since controller is the general accepted term. Especially since the Original PS2 did come or have a remote (REAL remote to watch DVDs), so it's reasonable to assume that's what he was referring to.

If those were the words of the seller, I would leave a negative feedback, if he'd at least apologize about the confusion, it'd be a different story.

I would ask for some money back the seller to replace a controller.
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