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Originally Posted by buzzard
sorry to thread-jack, but what if a sale went through and when the item arrived to the buyer it was not as advertised? for instance, what if the seller used a local slang term to describe a part of the package which the buyer misunderstood as beiing something else.

again, im sorry to thread-jack but i thought that this might also be useful to others in the future. and i wanted to know if i was justified in giving -ve feedback
Well, it's always nicer to work it out with the seller before leaving negative feedback. You'd be surprise how reasonable people are sometimes.

If it's just a minor part of a deal, don't be a jerk to leave negative since everything else worked out. Just leave a note about the misunderstanding on a positive feedback.

At worst, I would leave a neutral feedback since it's partially your fault for not making sure. (But this depends what the "slang" was, and who's definition was more of a generally accepted term)
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