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What a fucking bullshit thread.

It costs the same to make an AEG today IN JAPAN as it did yesterday - any fucking clown who busts out about our 'high' dollar exchange rate (yeah what a novelty eh?) and a direct relation of how much goods would cost to import should be thrown into the ocean.

First do a little trend analysis - our dollar only hit this mark in the past few DAYS. DAYS buddy, not YEARS. DAYS. The world economics don't radically change in DAYS. OH NOES! OMFG! TeH KaNUCK dollahz is teh highz - there goes our shirts...jump out of window!

Secondly - retailers put a huge effort into getting these things into Canada, dealing with customers, and running a BUSINESS. First objective for a business in order to THRIVE and maintain CONTINUITY - make a fucking profit! When did this airsoft community in Canada get so self serving? Pigs and dogs attitudes.

The Airsoft sky doesn't fall often enough to remind us how fortunate we are to manouver this sport in a thin grey line for as long as we have...

K, K! I'm done! No more carrying on with myself!
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