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Originally Posted by firemachine69
Originally Posted by Tankdude
Grim sells the M700 for 310$
Canadian Airsoft sells it for 500$.

Grim sold the ruger thingy for 150$?
007 sells it for 375$

Grim was getting the Star M249 for 730$
Rangers sell it for 895$


Either Grim is a rich millionaire and can take a hit on each order OR the other retailers are getting ripped off by their brokers, OR they charge more cause they hold a monopoly on the supply and sales of airsoft in canada.

If Grim ever becomes a supplier of TM the other retailers are screwed.

Grim did that order at little or no profit to himself.
Grim has good deals for sure. I ask retailers what the best price they can give me and then buy at the lowest (reputable) dealer. I have a big sense of fairness (I know, dam commie) and while I will pay whatever the market says I want the best deal I can get, kinda like gettin a reach around while gettin screwed.

Grim didn't give me a reach around but he didn't screw me either.

I also notice that many retailers sell different products cheaper. So a 500 buck ak at one place may also sell an M4 say at less than other retailers. Shop around people.
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