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Question about positive feedback

I was wondering where I should post this, and the recent question about negative feedback answered that question for me.

Is it appropriate to leave feedback for a user for a transaction that didn't end up going through because of something outstanding that they did to keep a buyer/seller informed.

My example:
I was recently going to buy some parts from a user, and we had exchanged information and I was fully prepared to DD the money to his bank account.
Between exchanging information and me telling him I'd make the deposit immediately he made a point of informing me that the quality of the parts he was selling may have changed for the worse in order to keep me from paying him before we had worked out anything that needed to be changed in the transaction (lowered price, change in parts, whatever).
I didn't end up buying the parts, because what I specifically needed from them was no longer usable, but I feel that he deserves the rating, not to mention that feedback would reflect the effort he puts into being honest, and on-the-ball for future buyers/sellers dealing with him.
Is it appropriate in cases like this to leave feedback?

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