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Yeah with the thuoght of that, Treadstone would have to change his $20 is $20 everysingle day to reflect how much $20 dollars was when he first put that into his user info.

No but whatever.

Anyways, see when the dollar goes up... That means the RETAILER is going to be making more money, which is what they want. If you were in there shoes your not gonna just toss up an opportunity to put some food on your table just so someone can get cheaper stuff. Cmon now.

Stop complaining, you pay what you pay, and you have the peace of mind knowing it WILL get to you, and it's in good working order.

I know this is just discussion but still, your BFL burns a huge damn hole in your pocket. And you gotta pay that off at first.

Just like saying selling asian cars, since the dollar goes up, the MSRP doesnt change, its the same. And plus you'd be an idiot to screw yourself over in making a little more profit, especially if it is your full job that you are doing.

Meh, save the money. Pay the people that deserve it because they go through all the b.s for you. And get your gun and be happy.

Does anyone else want waffles? I could go for some waffles...
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