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AEG prices have actually dropped quite a bit - I can remember 2 years ago paying $520 was a good deal on a TM AK47, and now a short survey of the vendors;

AirsoftCanada Armoury: $450.00
007 - $535.00
Spec Arms - $525.00
Rangers - $470.00

So with this example, we can see the retailers who are charging a fair price, and those who are indeed gouging. I'm not saying any particular retailer is maliciously screwing over players - people are still obviously flocking to them all as they are still in business.

It's up to the player to vote with their dollar - so instead of bitching, educate yourself and support retailers who charge a fair price. Same goes for age verification - people will knowingly buy from a retailer that sells to minors, then complain about "all the underage n00bs"

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