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Exactly. Current stock purchased at higher prices will have to be sold first before prices can come down, unless the company is interested in using some of them as a possible loss leader to attract more business. Not likely though.

The nice thing with our dollar approaching parity is we'll be able to more closely tell how much markup our retailers are putting on their products. With each USD now equalling only $1.10 CAD, a $100 GBB ought to cost you $110 CAD FOB wherever the retailer is. Shipping is something of an unknown though so that's one variable you can't accurately account for. I did a bulk order of replica ABS PASGT helmets and each case cost me $250 USD in shipping alone by UPS express.

In any case, I certainly hope that retailers take advantage of our strong dollar and it reflects in their prices accordingly. Those who maintain the status quo may find themselves eventually trailing.
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