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Originally Posted by Treadstone71
We still have to deal with customs and brokerage fees. It's not just the exchange rate.

By the way, analysts say that if it continues this way, within the year the Canadian dollar might surpass the US dollar. It's a great time to be alive (again).
I think DoctorDeath meant by was, if exchange rate went down by let's say 10%. Since HK or US store hasn't increased their price by 10% (Or at least I haven't noticed), a retailer's buying price then saved 10%, since customs/taxes are based on value, you also saved the tax amount since the product value now went down 10%. Brokerage stays the same unless they jacked it up by more than 10%.

With that said, overall retailer would pay less for the very same gun. And DoctorDeath is complaining about not passing the savings down to us airsofters.

Not that I agree with DD, since retailers are there to make money, they have every right to maximize their profit. It would be nice to see some savings passed to the consumers, but again, airsoft prices in Canada has been at its lowest for a while.
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