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I just got mine Monday. MkII. Fit and finish, is what I expected. Looks great, seems very solid. However I had a problem with getting it shooting. Comes with a mini plug, no biggie, throw a mini in for now and pull the trigger, nothing. Screwed with the box mag connection, and got the auto winder to work. But the mechbox would just click. The auto winder was solved by pushing some of the spring/wire protector back into the box mag, and it pulled the plug down to where it was sitting level, not being pushed up.

Onto to the gun. After basically taking everything apart, finding the mechbox shot fine outside of the gun, I traced it it back to the box mag being wired totally ass backwards. My mechbox was hitting the antireverse latch. I just swapped around the metal plugs in the box mag connector, and away she went. Havent had a chance to put bbs through it yet, cant wait to though. Absolutely pleased with it so far.

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