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Well everyone.....

I just got my ICS Ak74M this morning and wanted to try it out..

Realised I had to charge the battery first though.

So after 1 hr of desperate waititng, I went outside set everything up and starting aiming for that middle dot in the target. At first , bb's wern't hitting, but after 1 min of hop up changes, they were flying perfectly straight.

So far there hasnt been any problems with the fring or loading of any of the bb's (that were included with the gun). Havnt tried my bb's yet that were obught on the side.

So all of you looking to get this gun, I have to say its pretty spectacular, and on the bright side ou get 2 high mag clips(even though u have to wind it up maybe once between unloading a full clip).

So as everything stands right now, It's all good. Gotta do some more testing, and try the NIMH battery to see if it makes any difference from the NICAD...but as for now, thats all I can write about this product.

One more thing...I would think about loading a new spring in it 150%, to most likely shoot a little faster in terms of FPS. But thats another day, and another challenge. As for now, everything is good to go, and looking forward to the game on the 13th at Flag Raiders. First time for everything I guess!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply or PM me. Hopefully all your answers will be answered.

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