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Pics are on the way. The gun itself is physically shorter than an M4A1 with full stock (I compared them side-by-side today) and a little longer than an MP5 w/ full stock. An M4 or AK will fit in the case, but nothing larger than that.

Chrono: Average of about 375 fps with .2's. Low of around 365, high of 390+. A little too inconsistent for me, so I'll be looking into it.

Noise: Holy crap is this gun LOUD. There is a very pronounced "CRACK" when the gun is fired. As loud (maybe louder) than similar guns with aluminum pistons I've seen.

Trigger response: No issues in full auto; trigger pull on semi is heavy and long, and sometimes just doesn't fire at all. Not happy with it, but I'll look at fixing that, too.
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