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Originally Posted by Stukadivebomber
Korea is a place where you can find bbs all over the streets. I remeber when I was about 4 and i was living in korea. These kids with a bb gun would be running around saying quick look between the boards on the benches to get some!!
My friend from Korea showed me a few pics from when he visited there a few years back. In convenient stores they had these big barrels filled with bulk candy and peanuts and such, and in one barrel they had BBs. Apparently it was like a buck or two for a big bag of them. Plus yeah, they had kids playing with springers and such everywhere.

As for finding BBs i've found them everywhere. In the dryer, backpack, school binder and such. Oddest thing I ever found was an gearbox spring in my bed sitting next to my pillow... how the fuck it got out of my parts box and onto my bed i'll never know.
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