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Originally Posted by JohnnyDo
I took my guns to work (warehouse/machine shop) to let my boss's try em out. I also take them there to shoot targets etc... well we find BB's pretty much everywhere,

- coolent for CNC machine
- in, on, and around CNC machines
- in the foam insulation covering the back bay door (too many to count)
- on thr floor of the board room (not cool)
- pretty much anywhere you look you'll find a few even though I go out of my way to pick them all up there still has to be a good 1000 rounds spread out over 10,000 + sqft hehe .. it's actually kinda funny. if we ever move out of that place they'll be finding the darn things for years to come and wonder where they came from.
i have the same problem at work, since i started there 10 months ago, ive recruited about 4 guys. the boss freekin love airsoft guns, i just got him a thompson... it was like a kid at christmas. but ya, we play at the shop on slow days. theyre going to be finding bbs till the end of time. you cant look anywhere without seeing white, yellow and green bbs in the corners, plants, coffee room, offices, ect. its sweet. at the very least ive left a lasting impression. long after im gone, some new guy will ask what the hell these little plastic balls are, and my name will be mentioned.... i fell like a god.
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.
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