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Thanks. :salute:
I found the ICS Ak scope mount on WGC and UNcompy.
Double Edge no loner have it in stock.

This gun is definitely worth buying. I think the one i received is defective.
I would still recommend this gun to anyone. :cheers:

Yes,the feeding problem can be fixed by tape temporarily .I tried to use some hockey tape to fix the problem,and it become loose and stop feeding again after a while.

I also tried to shoot my gun upside down,but it still have the feeding problem.
I think it is because the magwell doesn't line up properly.BBs got stucked in the middle of somewhere.I also lubed the magwell, and it didn't help either.
PS:You can't shoot your AEG upside down (the trigger to the sky) all the time.can you?That would be too funny to watch.

The gun is brand new.It should work well out of the box.The feeding problem is not a big deal,but it really bothers me a lot. I just give up trying to fix it. :smack:

I will let you guys know how the new one performs once i receive it.

Update:I just receive another one from retailer(by the way:I bought this guy from Double Edge Airsoft,and their customer service is excellent).This one is perfect.Absluately nothing wrong with it. :-)
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