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I bought the scope mount from Double Edge airsoft at the same time than the AK itself.

You can find the same mount on WGC.

I believe that I will be able to get the mags to stay tight... nothing hockey tape can't fix I think. If you shoot your AEG upside down (the trigger to the sky) you won't have the feeding problem, so try pushing the mag further when you insert it.

You may find the stock fragile or shaky, but I believe it is strong enough for normal wear and use: no one uses airsoft AEG to club his opponent behind the head. I also don't think that the stock is that likely to break as it is (I believe) the body that takes most of the stress and twisting; being metal, the ICS body will not break or crack.

My short review still states that this is a good rifle, given that the mag feeding problem is temporary.
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