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Originally Posted by Preston
Originally Posted by freeman

2.My two hicaps got the same feeding problem you mentioned.Both of them only feed 1 or two bbs,and they stop feeding unless i hold the magazine to the magwell by my hand.The mag release system didn't held the magazine right(not tight enough).Since i can't always use one hand to hold the magazine when i am shooting,I sent the gun back for a new one(hopefull the new one doesn't have the same problem.)

I have yet to encounter this problem, and I have smashed this gun around quite a bit while playing, so it may have been just the first batch that were made.
Not really,I received my gun last Friday,and the gun is the newer version with turbo 3000 motor and imporved wiring. The gun looks very good,too bad it doesn't shoot bbs properly. :rrr: .
Anyways,I will probably get a new one this week or early next week. I asked the retailer to test it and make sure the new one won't have any sort of problems.
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