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Expansion is not impossible

and taking TTAC3 to a larger venue.. with a dedicated airsoft only area is still on the horizon.

The issue is of course to be TTC accessable but still get a large enough space to do everything we want to.

The other thing is to create a sufficient client base to make the leap.. I say create because that is what we are doing. The majority of people who are regulars or members are either new to airsoft.. and indoctrinated at TTAC3 or people who dropped out of the community some time ago and are just returning now.. and like what we are offering.

As I said... of the 80 or so people who said.. "Dude.. I'm so there.. I'll play every week!!" 10% ever showed up.. and 5 became members. so the "community" can't be counted on to support anything.. we see this also in the repeated startup and failure of various fields over the past years.

Talk don't pay the bills.

It is an unfortunate truth that the south Ontario Airsoft demographic is as a class young.. and poor.. and not the best client base.

A viable business model for an airsoft only facility has to have in it Corporate Functions.. team building events.. and, idealy professional training users as well to provide a good piece of the revenue.
TTAC3 has had a bit of success in attracting some corporate use.. but the professional training aspect still eludes us... although irons are in the fire in that regard.
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