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Originally Posted by TwoHot2Touch
Hey, I ordered the Ak74 this week from M1 airsoft. Now im not 100% which motor it comes with since It might be an old version motor (2000), instead of the (3000) motor.

Im actually getting kinda scared with receiving thois product now, because if the 2000 motor is in the gun then I have no clue what to do. And so I hope everything is alright.

Anyone order the Ak74 off M1 Airsoft recently and know what motor is in it???

Please let me know ASAP THANKS!!!
First of all,you can ask them which motor you are getting?
If you receive a ak74m with turbo2000,you can buy a turbo3000 motor and replace it.
PS:turbo2000 should be a fine motor as well,you can use the gun for a while and decide if you really need to upgrade or not.
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