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1. dont believe anyone who says "dude I'm so there"
Of the people who said that about TTAC3 .. say 60 or 80 people.. I think I have seen maybe 10 of them since we opened. A great many of people talk about playing airsoft... very few actually do it.

2. you better have lots of money... here are the numbers

Say you want a good sized space.. I have about 4000 square feet.. and it is small so double that to 8000... you are in Barrie so i will halve the cost of the space from toronto rates.

to say $8.00 a square foot per year.. $64000.00 in rent now add insurance .. say $5000.00 now lets heat the place and keep the lights on $10000.00 a year. Add another $6000 for start up and renovations.. year 1 costs are $85000.00

So that is $ 232 dollars a day to just open the doors.. you have not paid yourself yet. it is unreasonable to think you will be open every day,, so lets tak one day a week off.. now we are up to $272 a day Say you charge $15 per player you need 18 players a day

Most people will come play maybe on average 6 times a year .. some much more.. some once.. so average 6 times year.. once every 2 months.. so you need a pool of 1000 players within 1 hour of your facility to support you.

I doubt that there are 1000 active airsofters in Ontario.. let alone within 1 hour of your place.

So..... the numbers don't lie...

now if you want to make a living and add an employee or 2 add $60000.00 .. oh and add another $20000.00 for taxes.
so now you need 1600 players...

If you put in a "pro shop" and charge a 300% markup on everything or are laundering drug money...well then maybe you can make a go of it.

The other thing you could do is require that people use your BBs and charge 5 cents a bb and ban the use of lowcap mags and require full auto fire only. Then you may make enough from that to pay yourself a poverty level wage.

I do alright... I average about $600 a month from TTAC3 .. which is about 9.6% of the total expenses of FACT... but it costs me..personally about 40 hours labour a month for which I receive $0.00 for... I normally bill out at $250 an hour... so it is clearly not about making money for me.....

So.. the point... go ahead and do it... but don't do it to make money.. you won't .. but you will have a great deal of fun..
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