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Originally Posted by Kokanee
dun dun dun...the update...

Just got back from the Civic hopsital and the verdict is a fractrued rib and a lacerated kidney.....

but they gave wme percasets...sp?? and 2 weks off work

tahnsk everyoen very mcuh for the kind wishes.....

and yeah Jarkead, I had a really, raelly hot nurse fawning over me the whole time @ the civic...
Sounds bad Josh, but not as bad as broken ribs but worse than bruising. Hope you recover fast as can be though buddy, need to have you out doing your thing for Kandahar Dawn!

BTW, those painkillers screwing your spelling of the pain of your injury? For about a week after I slipped on ice and work, landed on my right elbow and jammed my upper arm into my shoulder hard, I was in so much pain I had to move my right hand back & forth between the mouse and the keyboard, and typing was painful as well. Took about 3-4 weeks to get that to heal, and that was just a bruised A/C joint. So I don't blame you at all. Pain sucks sometimes, and you learn what you take for granted when you have that type of injury. Sleeping has got to be a real bitch for you as well. Best of luck!
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