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Originally Posted by deep in the bush
thanks for the support...the how many times a year would people visit it? say twice? i am looking at realisitic numbers... it could host team nights etc for trainging etc... it would not handle the is only a venue.

so if you think you would go ... please tell me how many times you would is a hypothetical location...say about 1.5 to 2 hrs from your home...there would be other things for people to do as well as this in the surrounding area...etc. not all outdoor related.

If it's 1.5-2hrs, I'd go maybe once every 2 months from May - Oct (probably less since it'll probably conflict with the outdoor games).... winter months are too nasty for such long drives.

If it's 0.5hrs away, I'd probably go twice a month all year around if they don't charge too much.
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