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Best wishes thread for Kokanee

About 40 of us played the LZ today, Kokanee was in one of the towers, third floor, spotted one of our guys (Warmonger) with a sniper rifle in the woodline, called it out, didn't pay attention to where he stepped and fell through the entrance hole from the second floor to the third floor. Injuring on his right side ribs, might have fractures or broken ribs, might be milder like bruised ribs. Kudos to TangoCharlie, Irish and Flying_Bullits (ETF team members, who are professionally paramedic trained and their profession as well) who took care of him after Rexter EVAC'd Kokanee from the base area in the Iltis, and took 100% care of him until the abulance showed up.

I called Kokanee's cell phone in hopes of leaving a message for him to give my best wishes to him, that I've been thinking a lot of him, but phone wasn't on. Figured since a LOT of us know him on here, I'd start a thread for him for you guys to leave messages for him. Been thinking about what happened since we found out it was him and possible broken ribs. More so since I got home though.

So Josh, let me be the first to say hopefully the injury isn't as bad as feared, and hope to see you up and running very soon. Added unfortuante, he just got over pnemonia last week or the week before. Poor bugger. Anyways, Rexter said he'd post updated on Kokanee's condition on the ETF forum as soon as he finds anything out, and I or another will give you all updates.


PS: Pantless Crab took a pic of Josh in the Iltis being treated by Irish and Bullits, maybe Crab can post the pic here. Josh was in a LOT of pain!!!
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