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Originally Posted by KDawg599
I just got a KSC G26C today ... and attempted to fire. Nothing happened, not even a sound. Have I done something wrong? This is my first gas gun...
Just out of curiousity... Did you even bother changing the selector switch from safety to semi or full?

(Sidenote: Only change the selector switch while the slide is back; never switch modes while the slide is forward. This will prolong the life of your GBB's internals.)

Read the forums and use the Search Button to find answers to your next 50 questions about GBBs and your 26C. All the info is already right here on ASC (or at least links to the info).

If you are absolutley sure there is something wrong with the GBB, and it's not just due to your ignorance (which it probably is), contact your retailer ASAP.

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