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Morbius, I wasn't "scared" to leave negative feed back. I was somewhat satisfied with the deal. It took a long time, but I got some extra stuff because of it. And since it wasn't the airsoft season, and I wasn't 18 yet, I wasn't too upset. I posted in the comments what happened during the deal, so others would know. I'm not supposed to leave feedback based on how I feel others would react, I was satisfied the day that package came in the mail. If I was mad at Allstarr when I got my stuff, I would have left negative feedback. I had put negative feedback during the time when I was waiting, and then switched it to neutral when I got my stuff.

I don't see how I "gave him a good name". If a seller read the comments, it talks about me having to wait a really long time.

Buzzard, I'll PM you the emails I have for him, I hope it works out for ya.
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